Our varieties

In the heart of the Drôme, EARL du Pont Vert stands out for its certified garlic seeds, the result of know-how handed down from generation to generation. 
Each variety is selected for its exceptional quality and compliance with high standards, guaranteed by the S.O.C. under the aegis of the French Ministry of Agriculture.


Precosem - Autumn garlic

Early stick garlic variety

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Primor - Autumn garlic

Early stick variety

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Germidour - Autumn garlic

Violet de Cadours garlic variety

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Messidrôme - Autumn garlic

Drôme white garlic variety

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Messidor - Autumn garlic

Drôme white garlic variety

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Sabagold - Autumn garlic

Drôme white garlic variety

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Sabadrome - Autumn garlic

Drôme white garlic variety

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Therador - Autumn garlic

Drôme white garlic variety

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Clédor - Sping garlic

Late variety "rose du var" type

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Flavor - Sping garlic

Late variety "rose d'Auvergne"

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Our certified garlic seed

Our decades of expertise in seed cultivation, including garlic, corn and sunflower, enable us to combine tradition and innovation to produce high-quality garlic seed. Our approach focuses on the reliability and superior quality of our products, ensuring efficient germination thanks to carefully selected cloves. This fusion of technical expertise and commitment to quality meets the precise expectations of our customers.

The characteristics of EARL du Pont Vert in seed garlic

We offer a wide range of services designed to optimize your growing experience: personalized advice, expert technical assistance, delivery to the customer's premises, and seed preparation options (defoaming or ginning service available), as well as rigorous sorting to eliminate non-compliant garlic (bursts, ovals, etc.).

Our commitment translates into meticulous attention at every stage, from rigorous clove selection to delivery, ensuring the success of your garlic crop.