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EARL du Pont Vert is a polyculture-seed farm located in Sauzet in the Drôme, 10 km east of Montélimar in the heart of the Rhône Valley at the crossroads of the major cities of Lyon, Marseille and Grenoble.

Seed production (garlic, corn, sunflower) is a specificity of the farm. Certified seed garlic is the main crop of EARL du Pont Vert.

The farm is registered with SEMAE, interprofession of Seeds in France


Yves Blache, the father and grandfather of the current producers, starts the production of seed garlic by sowing 60kg of garlic in order to obtain the first multiplications of garlic plants.
First planting with a mechanical planter
Improvement of garlic drying with the installation of garlic ventilation systems in bins.
7 varieties are produced on the farm with 3 new varieties available in less than 3 years.
End of manual harvesting in the fields with the arrival of the first 3-row harvester from Drôme Provençale on the farm.
Construction of an insulated building to guarantee optimal conservation of seed garlic
A new variety of early garlic is launched: Précosem
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Initially and for many years, all production was manual from planting to harvesting, including sorting and packaging.

Over the years, mechanization appeared first with the first planters, then with the improvement of drying systems and finally harvesting.

Today, all of the production is still dried, sorted and packaged on the farm and sent to our own network of customers in France and Europe.

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Ambitions & Values

Chose EARL du Pont Vert

By choosing Garlic of Pont vert, you are choosing certified garlic seeds that comply with the official specifications but also:

  • A high quality garlic, sorted to avoid non-compliant garlics.
  • A good division with regular cloves which can almost all be sown and a gouging/ginning service if necessary.
  • Delivery directly to the customer.
  • A follow-up of the production and a technical advice of our know-how and our experience to our customers.
  • A human scaled controlled production in a family farm.
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Know-how : Producer of certified seed garlic in the Drôme for several decades, we strive to maintain and develop the know-how of garlic seed producer passed down from generation to generation.

Excellence : Excellence is the very essence of the seed business. We develop qualities and work skills that correspond to the seeds and our personal requirements in order to achieve the best level of technicality and performance for our certified seed garlic. 

Rigor : Being a seed company cannot be improvised! We are present throughout the production process from planting to harvesting and during sorting, storage, packaging and shipping operations.

All these operations are carried out on our site under regular controls and strict procedures in order to guarantee respect for this exceptional product.


To be a major player in the production of certified seed garlic in France. Aim for the best technical results and seed quality.

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Equipment & Partners

EARL du pont vert owns specific equipment for our seed culture : 

  • Garlic peeler or sheller: Separation of cloves from a garlic bulb
  • Pneumatic garlic planter: Realization of plantations (also exists as a mechanical garlic planter)
  • Garlic harvester: Harvest; take the bulbs out of the ground
  • Ventilation tower and palox: Drying of garlic
  • Digging chain: Drop the garlic around the head of garlic to ensure its drying
  • Calibration chain: Sort the bulbs and calibrate according to their size

Contact us to gather more information about our partners, their equipment and our experience about the usage of the said equipment. 

Here are our main partners

JJ Broch : Cutter, planter, digger, digging chains, grader, Garlic equipment specialist

Erme : Cutter, planter, digger, digging chains, grader, specialist in garlic equipment

Iaccuci Adamo : Specialized in sorting chains, unearthing, grading garlic

Agratechniek : Manufacturer of ventilation unit, garlic dryer, wooden palox.

AWB : Manufacturer of bin emptiers, hoppers and equipment for handling garlic in bins.