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Semences certifiées


 EARL du Pont Vert is certified "High Environmental Value Level 3 (HVE 3)" 

The farm is registered with SEMAE (formerly: GNIS National Interprofessional Grouping of Seeds). SEMAE is the interprofessional organization for seeds in France responsible for the quality control and certification of seeds through a specific technical service: the Official Control Service (S.O.C)

In particular, we supply AOC producers of purple garlic from Cadours, IGP garlic from Drôme, IGP white garlic from Lomagne, purple garlic from Piolenc and garlic from Cherrueix.

Entrepot avec ail en vrac

Standards & approvals

All the garlic produced on the farm is exclusively seed garlic certified by the S.O.C: Official Control Services. Garlic from certified seed guarantees:

  • Varietal purity (> 99%) 
  • A nematode-free garlic
  • A garlic with a maximum rate of viral infections (OYVD and LYSD) < 1%
  • Optimal germination 
  • A white rot rate of 0% 
  • Seed garlic is recognizable by its blue label issued by the S.O.C

The process to obtain certified garlic seeds

Traceability and strict controls

We are subject to rigorous specifications and strict controls by the certification authorities in order to ensure healthy garlic plants that meet the criteria of seed requirements. Throughout the production cycles, checks are carried out in the fields in order to control the sanitary state of the crop by various official control bodies and a seed crop declaration is required.

A long and rigorous process 

Six generations are needed to produce certified seed garlic. In order to limit contamination by insects, the first five generations are covered under an anti-insect net. 
During the six generations of multiplication, traceability is mandatory between the lots sown and the lots harvested. The selection process is long and rigorous in order to have at our disposal the best starting material called "basic" and multiplication. 


The purifications 

In addition to the legal certification controls, seed production is subject to purifications which will last from March until June, the month of the harvest. 

The purification consists in removing all the garlics which do not correspond to the legal criteria to make a certified seed and in particular, those non-compliant and those affected by virus disease recognizable by the marbled yellow foliage.

Five-year rotations are imposed between two crops of garlic or varieties of the allium type in order to avoid any contamination or depletion of the soil for seeds. Isolations of seed production fields are mandatory. 

Certified seeds with the blue label 

Certified seeds are recognizable by the blue labels issued by the S.O.C affixed to the packaging. They are issued and affixed by the producer only if the seeds meet the technical certification criteria.

Why choose a certified garlic plant?

There are many advantages coming from buying certified seed garlic plans :

  • Higher yield
  • Improved health status
  • An optimal germination capacity
  • Homogeneous varieties
Champ d'ail


​ At the beginning of the 1960s, the INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research) decided to embark on the search for new varieties of garlic that were more productive and resistant to diseases.

INRA in its research notes that the climate and soil of the Drôme is very suitable for the cultivation of garlic and develops two varieties from the "country garlic" of the Drôme: the Thermidrome and the Messidrome. 

The plain of Montélimar has become one of the historical cradles of seeds thanks to its climate. The sunshine and the mistral of this region allow optimal development of plants with healthy sanitary conditions.