Distribution de l'ail


Livraison d'ail

A service at your disposal

For all orders please contact us to establish an estimate specifying the varieties, quantities, packaging and possibly transport. 

You can contact us throughout the growth cycle for advice on :  

  • Planting
  • Choice of plots
  • Cultivation
  • Uprooting 
  • Choice of equipment

We will answer you with pleasure by sharing our experience and our know-how.

Livraison Ail


Certified seed garlic is marketed in the following packaging: 

Standard packaging in a 20 kg bag sealed with the blue label. 

Different available calibers : 


Purple garlic

White garlic

Early Garlic

Pink Garlic



Messidrome, Messidor, Sabagold, Sabadrome and Rustisem


Cledor & Flavor

Huge calibers



Middle calibers



Small packagings : 250g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg.

Devilery from August for a minimal quantity. Made for traders and seed sellers. 

Splitter Garlic

If you wish, you can receive cloves of garlic, we carry out the shelling of the garlic for you, an obligatory step before planting. You receive the garlic “ready to plant”. The EARL du Pont Vert performs garlic splitter for customers who so wish

Beforehand, just before planting the garlic in the ground, popping or cracking the garlic bulbs is a mandatory operation. It is a process of separating the cloves of the bulb of garlic from the root plate in order to individualize the cloves of garlic.

Delivery just before planting. 

Beware the garlic clove's preservation time !

We draw your attention to the fact that garlic cloves keep for a very short time. Please contact us to check with you the possibility of carrying out this service. 

Two garlic splitter machines are present on the farm for more reactivity in order to compensate for this very short conservation period.