Drying garlic... how does it work ?


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Drying garlic... How ?

Key and delicate post-harvest stage to succeed which determines the conservation and the qualitative aspect of the garlic. Good drying is essential in order to properly value your harvest, especially after so much effort.

Two methods exist

Traditional method : 

This method of drying is still widely used in the South-West of France. In the past before the arrival of the electric fan in the early 1990s, this is the method we used.

You put your garlic on bars under a hangar in the open air exposed to the wind. 

Dutch-type drying :

Inspired by the drying of flower bulbs and in particular tulips in the Netherlands. This is the method that the EARL du Pont Vert has been using today for almost 30 years.

At harvest, the garlic, stalked by the harvester, is brought by the latter into wooden boxes with a ventilation grid at the bottom. Only a few hours later (immediately after the end of the harvesting day), these boxes are lined up in front of ventilation corridors where air is blown and crosses the garlic in order to dry it by lowering its humidity for several weeks to get to the dry garlic.

This technique is more expensive than the traditional method but more effective