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Ail en gousse

Different garlic, different seasons

First of all, to grow garlic, it is necessary to obtain certified garlic seed recognizable by its blue label.

Before starting to cultivate garlic, the important thing is to identify the reasons for which it is cultivated, in order to choose the type of garlic and the suitable varieties.

Here is a quick summary of the types and varieties of garlic, you will find more information on the page “garlic varieties”:

Automns Garlic ( planting in October-November)

​Early stick garlic (Primor) : 

To be used to obtain and market fresh garlic. Its main interest lies in its earliness because it is garlic that allows you to arrive in advance on the fresh market. This garlic is used in green because its dry rendering is not interesting.

Purple garlic (Germidour):

Marketed fresh or dry. One of its main characteristics is its pretty purple color. In fresh garlic or green garlic it will arrive a few weeks after the early garlic. Dry purple garlic is interesting for making peeled, brushed tailed garlic or braids because of its coloring.

White garlic (Messidrôme, Messidor,Sabadrome, Sabagold and Rustisem):

 Its main use is its longer shelf life than purple garlic. It is mostly used in dry garlic in stemmed, peeled or brushed form.

Spring garlic (sowing January – February):

Pink garlic (Clédor, Flavor):

Pink garlic is used as dry garlic, tailed, peeled or brushed. it is the garlic that keeps the longest, making it possible to bridge the gap between the past season and the new season.

For advice in choosing varieties to meet a market, do not hesitate to contact us for more information or advice.