Planting your garlic... The good practices !


Plantation ail

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Planting is manual or mechanical and takes place in a plowed, prepared and dried plot. Planting conditions are decisive for the emergence, homogeneity and establishment of garlic.

They condition part of the success of the culture.


In autumn garlic, the sowing of garlic plants is carried out between October or November. For spring pink garlic, the ideal is from the end of December to mid-February.

In green garlic or fresh garlic, the perforated plastic makes it possible to gain in precocity and in size. In this case, in the southern regions of France that are not very exposed to the great winter cold, the planting date may be brought forward to the end of September or even earlier, mainly for early garlic of the Primor variety and purple Germidour garlic.

Good practices

Might it be green or fresh garlic, the perforated plastic helps gain earliness and caliber. 

Vigilance on the spacing between the rows is necessary depending on the harvesting equipment used.

Depending on the weather conditions at planting and the structure of the soil, irrigation may be useful in order to "break up" the large clods and keep the garlic cool if it was sown in the dry.